• Train like a warrior and defeat all excuses in fitness.
    I have spent 10 years of my life trying to improve my body. I live for energy. I eat to live, not live to eat. Learning food and how it affects your body has led me to losing 70 pounds, then gaining 30 pounds of healthy muscle. Now I can maintain my healthy lifestyle with all these great foods I have studied and come across.
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  • The Evolution Of Dieting : Geoff Morehart Fitness

    "When I was a young wart-hooooog."  ~Pumba

    “When I was a young wart-hooooog.” ~Pumba

    When I was a young wart hog (Lion King reference), I remember grabbing my first magazine with Arnold on the cover.  He had big bulging biceps with his veins were so large and striated that they made every nurse orgasm.  As a newbie, that’s what I wanted to look like or be like.  Yes.  I wanted to make every nurse orgasm.

    Now that I’m going on 11 years into the biz, I find myself picking up magazines with skinny chicks in pearly white aprons that teach me how to take bones with marrow in them to make bone broth.  How on Earth did I reach this point?

    It’s amazing where I’ve come from in the sense of diet terms.  It seems like I’ve tried every diet in order to fully reach my goals.  My goals changed constantly.  My ideas changed constantly.  My grocery bill changed constantly.  Now that I’m settled, it’s about time we talk about the evolution of diet and how you can make a nurse scream your name without having to drink 6 protein shakes day.

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    Four Things I Wish I Would’ve Told My Very First Client – Geoff Morehart Fitness

    Geoff Morehart Fitness

    Geoff Morehart Fitness

    Ten years ago I had this client named Dr. John who was probably 65 years old.  It’s amazing to me how I can’t remember his age because I was so stupid in the fitness industry that it didn’t amaze me that a 65 year old doctor would be trying to get healthier.  To me, fitness was about the gun show and trying to get laid.  Seriously.  I’d flick myself in the nose right now if my mother already hadn’t done it to me every time I lied when I was a child.

    I can remember putting him on a chest press machine and telling him to do 15 reps.  What’s nuts is that I more than likely told a 30 year old female that I had the next hour to do the same thing.  I was a fucking lunatic.  I had no concept of how to train or what being healthy really meant.  I’m going to blame my age for that.

    I absolutely adored Dr. John though.  He was a solid man.  We would talk about football and how much he couldn’t stand his wife.  Of course, he was just joking about that situation, but that’s what got us to talk about life in general.  It’s not until 10 years later where what he told me changed the course of my life.  We would go from sitting on a machine checking out girl’s asses, to almost sobbing in each other’s arms about his war stories and heart attacks (yes, he had two of them).

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