• Train like a warrior and defeat all excuses in fitness.
    I have spent 10 years of my life trying to improve my body. I live for energy. I eat to live, not live to eat. Learning food and how it affects your body has led me to losing 70 pounds, then gaining 30 pounds of healthy muscle. Now I can maintain my healthy lifestyle with all these great foods I have studied and come across.
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  • A Love Letter To My Clients: Geoff Morehart Fitness

    Geoff Morehart Fitness

    Geoff Morehart Fitness

    Without getting in too much detail, back home in Newport News Virginia, I see up to 150 clients daily.  Most in group settings.  Most doing the same thing unless it involves therapeutic or sport related workouts.  For the most part though, I can have my fittest girl right next to my most overweight guy doing the same thing and they both walk out of the building better than when they stepped foot inside.  The program is called Jungle Gym.  It’s my baby.

    I care about fitness.  I always say, “The most annoying thing in the world is when people get annoyed that you actually give a fuck.”

    It’s a passion that is concrete in my veins.  I don’t feel like it will ever go away until I retire, sell my company, and open up a business involving my favorite food(s).  It’s going to happen.  I’m confident.

    My main goal in life is to be successful.  However, I don’t want to be successful any other way than helping others.  I’m sure I could have graduated college and had a desk job making 20K more than I make now.  That’s not happiness though.

    Happiness is home.  I’m preparing to be a big fuckin’ deal in the fitness industry.  I never stop.

    Recently I wrote a letter to all of my clients, printed it out, and handed it to them reassuring my passion and my love for them and the industry.  Sometimes you need a little relief.

    I hope this helps you realize how much fitness can help you in becoming a leader, life-lover, and not an indian giver.

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    Fitness Is Not Sexy – Mobility, Stretching, and Trigger Points

    Yesterday in the squat rack doing warm up sets for barbell squats, I was using my marathon stick to roll out my quads in between sets, and doing spiderman lunges to warm up my hips after sets as well.



    135 for 6 reps.  Boom.

    225 for 6 reps. Boom.

    275 for 6 reps. Boom.

    295 for 6 reps.  Boom.

    315 for 6 reps. Boom.

    225 for 24 reps. Boom.

    Doing my last spiderman lunge set to keep my hips warm.  Boom.  Tweaked my groin.

    I know deep down it was a fluke injury.  I did everything I possibly could have done to protect myself.  However, my body cramped up at the wrong time and now I’m sitting here with a heading pad next to my junk drinking tons of water.  Now that isn’t sexy at all. . .

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