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    I have spent 10 years of my life trying to improve my body. I live for energy. I eat to live, not live to eat. Learning food and how it affects your body has led me to losing 70 pounds, then gaining 30 pounds of healthy muscle. Now I can maintain my healthy lifestyle with all these great foods I have studied and come across.
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    How To Prepare For A Physical Event – Mobility, Diet, and Workouts

    Myself, during a brutal competition.

    Myself, during a brutal competition.

    Have you ever played in a kickball tournament lasting from 9AM to roughly 5PM?  Or even ran a long trail/mud race lasting over 5 miles?  Perhaps you’ve done a CrossFit competition that are complied of 6 gruesome WODs in a matter of 6 hours.  Either way, it’s not like you can just wander up to these situations without preparations.  I mean you can, but you’ll either suck at it, or hurt yourself.  So why even do it at all?  It’s time to start caring about what you’re training for.

    Believe it or not, the week prior to your exhausting competition has a lot to do with the results that come from it.  If you were an MMA fighter, you wouldn’t drown alcohol and large amounts of sugar to get ready for a fight.  You also wouldn’t eat nothing but vegetables and beat the crap out of your body in the cage.  There’s a middle to it all, and it’s important to have the proper energy going into what could be the most important competition of your life.

    We aren’t in high school playing baseball anymore.  Most of us are adults with growing bodies, so we have to take care of them properly.  I’ll break it down into the week prior, the day prior, the day of, and during the competition mode on what you should do and consume to prepare your body for the biggest battle of them all.

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